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Is stress eating you Alive

This time of the year is notorious for stress!! We are coming into the holiday season and that brings with it so many things –





Work/office parties

These are just a few of the common ones that have us freaked out already!!

What happens to us when we get stressed – well many things but for some people it brings with it overeating (generally on junk food) which in turns sees our weight increase

Well don’t panic I have a few tricks that might help you get through the rest of year without gaining that unwanted weight and possibly even enjoying the Holiday Season!!

I am sure you have all heard of a journal or a diary before, how many of you have actually used one? Instead of it being a general journal why not make it more specific to writing down the things that are making you feel stressed.  You can even add a little section in there to note down what you ate – that way when you sit back and look over it you can see if on the days you were feeling stressed did you reach straight for the chocolate or candy!!

When you are looking back at your notes make sure you look to see if there are any recurring stress emotions – for example do you work with someone who on a particular day each week drives you completely mad – you can’t change their emotions and feeling but you can look at the way you deal with them! Don’t let their moods affect you, take a few deeps breaths when you see them calling or coming over to your desk. Smile – it is amazing how a smile can make you change your emotions!!

Lists, lists and more lists – sometimes writing down a list of what you need to buy or do (works great if you are the one organizing parties or having Thanksgiving at your home) can help you remember where you are and what you still need to do. If you do not have these lists you can end up waking up at crazy times of the night and not sleeping which leaves you emotional and we all know what can happen when you are emotional.

Control the situations you can control and forget about the rest– we spend so much time getting upset and angry about things we really can’t control. You can’t control someone else’s behaviour or actions but you can control your own. Don’t let someone else get inside your head!!

If you have a bad day, don’t make it a bad week. We always stress about what we ate yesterday or that we didn’t exercise but what happened yesterday is old news look forward and not back. There is no point ruining a whole week because you had a bad day.

Perfection usually means failure! Nobody is perfect just give it your best!!

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