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Halloween Candy.

Halloween and your Goals

With Halloween just around the corner this means CANDY CANDY CANDY!

Everywhere you go all you see is huge bags of sugary, sweet candy. For most people this means healthy eating is thrown out the window along with any hope of weight loss and any goals that you have set.

The best way to battle the holiday is to enjoy it!

You know what, you are allowed a few treats here and there just don’t go overboard. Remember they are treats so they shouldn’t be part of your everyday meal plan.

If you are struggling and find yourself eating them every day then take a minute and focus on what your goals are.

Write them down again so you can see them – if it helps, you can even put them in front of your candy so when you go to reach for the sweets you see your goals first.

Remind yourself that your goals are important and that you are willing to do what is needed to reach those goals.

When it comes to your meal plan include your treats in there and you will find that you are less likely to eat them randomly.

When it comes to eating your treats make sure the you enjoy them!

When you are at the retreat we talk about not feeling guilty if you have over indulged. You need to tell yourself that it is ok and you move on from it. At Ontrack we see so many people that tell us that once they start eating bad then they feel that they have ruined their diet and that they feel so bad that all they do is keep eating badly. Don’t let it ruin the good work you have put in so far, you haven’t ruined anything. Just refocus, work on your goals and you will be back to eating healthy before you know it!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Ontrack Retreats

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