A daily program to help you achieve maximum results and long term success

  • A program for all shapes, sizes & fitness levels
  • Healthy food you can live by long term – no diets
  • Fitness sessions that get results – at YOUR level
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A proven & trusted program that gets results

for all fitness levels

OnTrack’s proven program will help you achieve the results you want with a comprehensive program of:

  • Fitness classes for all fitness levels – designed for maximum results.
  • Mindset workshops to help you succeed long term
  • Nutritionally balanced meals that taste great and you can recreate easily at home
  • Keep the weight off long term with a program designed for long term habit change
  • A program designed for YOU – not for celebrities! This isn’t a TV show after all!
  • Supportive and expert trainers to help you maximize your results – none of those horrid trainers here like you see on TV!
  • Results driven program with 100’s of success stories

“OnTrack truly changed my life. I’m slimmer, healthier and feel better than ever before. I’d tried other places but OnTrack was by far the best. My advice – just do it!” Alex N

Build a Lifestyle You Can Be Proud Of

OnTrack has helped thousands of people lose weight, eliminate fat, and change their destructive habits than any other similar program. We offer a proven framework… and it works.

But what makes the OnTrack program so effective? For our guests, the key to their success is the OnTrack approach to long – term change. We don’t believe in fad diets, gimmicks, and trendy superfoods — and neither should you!

It’s because of this dedication to maximizing results , that 100% of OnTrack guests — who stick to our program — have shed weight, lost inches, and changed their life’s course.

7 Reasons To Make OnTrack Retreats The First Step Towards a Healthier You

  • Exercises are fun and enjoyable while maximizing results.
  • You’ll be pushed to your potential, but never beyond your limits.
  • We help you build the foundation you need to begin living a more fulfilling lifestyle. Each day contains a comprehensive mix of exercise, healthy meals, and education.
  • Your long term success is our priority — we’ll give you the knowledge and tools you need to help make healthy choices(almost effortlessly!) when you return home.
  • Here, you’ll meet new friends who are struggling with similar issues and who can provide the motivation, support, and encouragement to change your life.
  • We include small group activities but your progress is kept confidential — feel comfortable knowing your weigh -ins are private (between you and your trainer only). Remember, this isn’t a TV show after all.
  • Unlimited post-program support! You’ll leave here with a direct access to our coaches.

You see, here at OnTrack we don’t give you a plate of vegetables and drive you to exhaustion on a treadmill. At our retreats, we’ve created a place where you’re able to instantly kickstart your health and take steps towards long – term change.

Get the kickstart you need and begin building a lifestyle you can feel proud of. click below to request your free info pack.

“The OnTrack offers the complete package, which is what I was attracted to. Not just looking at weight loss, but looking at fitness and your mindset. The weight loss experience has been brilliant, I have lost a significant amount of weight. But more importantly, I have lost inches… I feel so much better and I feel very ready for the challenge ahead” Jenna B

Live the rest of your life with a healthier attitude.

The OnTrack program worked for Jacqui.

Researching multiple retreats and programs online, Jacqui was drawn to OnTrack Retreats because she recognized that here, we want to spark lifetime change — not a manic week of temporary dieting and overly difficult exercise.

Like Jacqui, your stay with OnTrack will mean regular training sessions to help you build the mindset, motivation, and habits you need to continue your progress after you head home. Because it’s not just about losing weight or inches; it’s about living the rest of your life with a healthier attitude.

“The trainers have been very encouraging. They take you to just before your limit and if you can get to that then [you’ll] feel brilliant at the end of it… Come here if you want to get results. Give it your all, follow the program, It will work.”

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