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Shed Fat, Transform Your Fitness & Improve Your Life At OnTrack Weight Loss & Fitness Camp

You are going to look and feel great after your stay at OnTrack – proven program for ALL fitness levels.weight loss camps

  •  Shed pounds & improve your fitness with a proven program
  •  Take your fitness to a level you never thought possible
  •  Take control of your eating habits
  •  Deal with issues like emotional or boredom eating
  •  Feel better about your body and yourself
  •  Develop a new long term healthy life
  •  Deal with conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, or High Blood Pressure

Take action to start improving your body, health & fitness now with affordable and one of the World’s most popular weight loss Training Camp & fitness camp programs.

How OnTrack Works


No fads. No diets. No gimmicks. This isn’t a TV show after all!


Enjoy a proven and trusted daily program of fitness, nutrition, education and lifestyle change that’s suitable for all weights and fitness levels.


It’s not a one size fits all program. Workouts will be adjusted to help you overcome any specific injuries or issues.


A program that challenges you at YOUR level. A program that gets maximum fitness & weight loss results.

What to expect at OnTrack Weight Loss & Fitness Camp

Here’s what to expect from our proven & trusted specialist weight loss, fitness & lifestyle change program:

  • weight loss resortsProven program suitable for adults of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels
  • Not a one size fits all program – exercises adjusted for your injuries or issues
  • 100% of our guests lose weight and inches – guaranteed.
  • Exercise at YOUR fitness level
  • Private and personal weigh-ins (some retreats make you do it in public!)
  • Achieve rapid results with a focus on long term success
  • Enjoy healthy and nutritious meals that taste great
  • Benefit from small group sizes for personal attention
  • End to yo-yo dieting with optional health seminars for long term lifestyle change
  • UNLIMITED post program support

Remember, you can start any Sunday at our stunning weight loss retreat in Chicago. Get a brochure sent to you by email right now….

Is OnTrack the Right Program for Me?

health retreatsDo you worry it might be too hard, or too easy? Don’t! Our specialist program is designed for  women and all grown ups of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Exercise will be at your level, as intense as you want it to be.

We welcome moms of all sizes and fitness levels. Our youngest guest was 18, and our oldest was 74.

If you consider yourself a couch potato we will work with you, at your pace. If you are super fit our trainers will take you to a level of fitness you never thought possible.

We’ve never had anyone say it wasn’t hard enough for them, or anyone tell us it was too much. It’s always at YOUR level.

Whether you have 200lbs to lose, or just a few pounds it doesn’t matter. Whatever your size, shape or fitness level our expert trainers and health team will ensure you work to your goals.

What makes OnTrack different?

OnTrack is different from most other weight loss and fitness camps, and this is why our program has become so popular. It’s not a traditional health retreat of rest and relaxation (with the odd gym session thrown in) but a comprehensive program of fitness, nutrition, and education to help you change habits and develop the skills needed to live a long term healthy lifestyle for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

The program has been designed by both by the experts, but also with real life experience. So many retreats have these ‘ideal’ solutions which look great when you’ve never been overweight in your life but are unrealistic for those who suffer weight issues, or chronic illness like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or similar issues.

Our program is different. It combines the experts with real life approaches that work. It’s not just a text book with text book solutions – but a real program for real people that want real results and are comitted to changing their mindset and habits to live a long term healthy life.

That’s why the OnTrack training program is so trusted by people from around the World.

Real People Real Results

Real people of all fitness levels getting great results….

Our successful program has been featured on, or we have welcomed guests featured on:

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