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Fitness Camp

Here at Ontrack Retreats our main focus is ‘Reality’. We want you to be able to enjoy life and not have to worry about whether you can go out and socialize with friends, or sit and watch a game with a few snacks or even go on vacation without having to totally destroy your ‘Diet’.

Our Nutrition workshops will help you realize that you will never be on a ‘diet’. There are no crazy restrictions, you will never feel deprived of certain foods or feel like you are going to pass out from starvation! We will teach you to never use the term ‘diet’ again!
Instead you are going to have a healthy new lifestyle where you get to enjoy healthier meal options.

Our Nutritionist will teach you new tricks to make the meals you already enjoy healthier and something your whole family can enjoy!

Learn how to make better choices when you order take out or go out to a restaurant.

If you have a bad day and emotionally eat every bit of bad food you can find in your home we will teach you ways to get yourself back on track and not feel guilty for it (we all do it at some point – it is how you move forward from it that makes all the difference!)

Have you ever done the whole binge eating thing – what started off as a small snack turned into the size of a 10 – course meal – you are not alone! Learn how to take control back!

One you start eating healthier you start to notice the changes –
you feel more energized, the bloating feeling disappears, you sleep better, your cravings change from sweet and salty junk food to fresh fruit and vegetables. Of course, there is also the weight loss that comes along with it!

What you eat is your choice and now is the time to discover how
to control those choices!

Healthy Food

Our workshops will make sure that by the time you are ready to go home you will be filled with the knowledge and the confidence to make these changes in your everyday life.

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