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Plan your way to success

Organisation is the most important way to succeed in your health and fitness goals.
Now is the time to be honest – how organised are you really?

Do you have a meal plan?

The easiest way to stick to a new and healthy menu is to work it out at least a week in advance, that way you can see that it is well balanced and incorporates all of the food groups. Make sure you put your snacks and treats on there as well. If you are eating out ensure you fill that out as well.

Do you have a shopping list or do you go to the shops with no idea what you really need?
Once you have done your meal plan it easily transfers over to a shopping list. If you go to the shop unprepared it opens you up to some much temptation – it’s the same as going to the shops hungry!

Now for your kitchen cupboards

It’s really time to throw away all the junk for in your cupboards and fridge – I know many of you think it is a waste of food but which waste would you prefer it to go to – if it’s not the waste bin it will be your waist line so it’s your choice!

If you are going to be tempted by any food in the house that you know is not good for you then get rid of it. You are sabotaging yourself!!

So now you have your kitchen all set up ready to for success it’s time to have a look at your clothes

It’s much easier to exercise when you feel good in the clothes you are wearing. Buy some nice workout clothes – they don’t need to be expensive just something that makes you feel good.
Once you have your new clothes organise you r closet. Get rid of any clothes that are too big for you – you don’t want to have them there are a fall back option. If you have something that is a bit too small for you bring it to the front of the closet so that you see it every day and it is a great reminder of why you’re changing your lifestyle.

Remember the more you plan and organise yourself the more successful you will be.

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