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Are you joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer?

Are you joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer? Here is what you should know first.

There are so many choices out there when it comes to joining gyms or getting a personal trainer that it can all become a little overwhelming. So we have come up with a first tips to make the process a whole lot easier.

First up you need to decide what you want to do – are you going to find a gym near your home or work, do you want the trainer to be at the gym or come to you, what sort of gym do you want to join (think about what kind of exercise you want to do and also the time of the day you will be there)

Ok so let’s look at the gyms first. Find a gym that is close to you – either your home or work. Find one that doesn’t take you long to get to – maybe you can even walk there (make sure you have thought about the winter months!) If you are going there on the way home from work look for one that is on your route already that way you can’t say it was out of the way.

Now you have decided on the location go in and check out the place – is the training style what you are after? For example is it just a circuit based gym or does it have classes and what is the schedule like – does it fit in with the times you are able to be there? Is the gym equipment want you want to use? Take a tour and have a chat to the staff there – TIP they will usually offer you a free session or maybe even complimentary week trail.

Let’s look at Personal Trainers – you have decided to either go to a gym and train with them there or they will come to you and train (this is a good option if you need a little extra motivation not to cancel!) If they are coming to you they will bring all of the equipment with them.

The trick with trainers is to find one that will have your goals in mind. They will listen to the style of training you want and adapt the sessions if you have any injuries. They are there to push you a little harder each session and not to just chat or be your friend. You want them to be working you hard.

If you are not enjoying the session or want to change it up make sure you tell them – at the end of the day they work for you and they need to be providing the service you want – TIP they will generally give you a free session as a trial. You can also generally buy them in packs which means the more you buy the more discount you can expect.

Happy Training!!

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